About gA

In gA, we make things happen. We leverage innovation and create value through the transformation of business models, processes, people and organizations, through a threefold impact vision: social, environmental, and economic. Our entrepreneur spirit and our passion for challenges have led our actions for more than 25 years.
We are a leading global Digital Business Transformation (dBT) company with offices and operations in Latin America and the United States. With a team of over 1,300 employees, we are a strategic partner for companies wishing to achieve their business goals in the Digital Age.
Our Vision is to generate sustainable development and create a positive impact by transforming businesses, people, organizations and communities

We provide global services from 11 offices and delivery centers.

Our foundations

25 years innovating and entrepreneurial spirit


Start Up // Buenos Aires Innovative Idea
We were born with an innovative idea: Technological services + Business processes consulting.


We expanded to Brazil and Mexico.


We consolidated the value offering in the BPM (Business Process Model).
The Business Process Model is a key component in our current business architecture-based dBT approach.


We became a global BPT (Business Process Transformation) company.
To complement the BPM, we included in the model People Management, Value Management and specific services, designing the transformation roadmaps of the world’s leading companies.


We created the first version of the dBT (Digital Business Transformation) model.
Our method to discover, organize, deploy and assure business value and benefits of a digital transformation path.


We opened our offices in the United States.
dBT 2.0
We developed our dBT model. We included flexible cycles, Design Thinking and advanced analytics, redefining the classic transformation office toward a Customer Experience focus.


Parabolt launching
This is Parabolt, our own incubator transforming innovative ideas into disruptive digital products. Its purpose is to generate businesses with sustainable growth supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem, both within and outside gA.


gA and Parabolt, two companies for business transformation
We are gA and Parabolt, two companies sharing the same purpose: bring transformation and innovation to business. We take ideas to create disruptive digital products, and we follow companies in their journey to digital transformation. We generate value linkages with our entire ecosystem, prioritizing quality and closeness. We are backed by more than 25 years of experience and our entrepreneurial spirit, which have been motivating us since day one to keep growing and creating.

Guiding Values

Our values reflect the foundation on which gA history was built and Parabolt created: they guide our everyday actions. Represented by our SPIRIT, they are the basis of our actions and define our way of being and doing: we believe in the strength of bonds, professional commitment and team spirit. Innovation, knowledge and responsibility identify us in every step we take.
Sustainable Growth
Have a long-term view as a guide for our way of action in the present, being aware of our actions’ impact on our entire environment. Commit to the future with a positive mindset and attitude, convinced that it brings progress and growth, and assuming the responsibility to build in the present to achieve that.
Professional Excellence
Search for the highest quality standards in our actions generating added value from a proactive attitude to permanently extend our knowledge. It is about learning from the environment, managing to put knowledge together as a transformation driver, experiencing and leading the search for excellence through engagement in a professional manner, translating it into solutions that provide concrete value to our clients.
Integrity & Commitment
Being honest means being transparent, sincere, authentic, and coherent as regards what we do, feel and say. It means to give an opinion, disagree, build consensus. Being honest means TO BE rather than seem to be.
Being committed means to deliver, being generous in such delivery to commit to what we are doing in a responsible manner. Doing, proposing and encouraging others to join the effort. It is about being willing to do it and take the baton.
To combine integrity and commitment, it is essential to align our personal goals to those of the company and be part of this synergic construction.
The most significant individual attitude is to take Accountability. Own what we do, what we propose, transcend hierarchical structures to set new standards and go beyond each area thinking of the company as a whole. It is about taking prominence and knowing how to delegate; it is about forming a team without avoiding responsibility, viewing us as a key piece for everyone’s success. It is about reaching balance and openness, adopting a proactive attitude where proposal replaces complaint, and the individual actions within an empowered team reach the goals proposed.
In gA, we consider innovation as a convergence process where new things are created from existing elements. That is why we promote –both as an essential value for the sustainability of our business and as a differential characteristic of our employees– innovation as a permanent search for added value of aspects that can be improved and achievable. Technology is our tool to enable convergence of knowledge, to generate innovation translated into new positive impact solutions, taking into account our entire environment: our employees, clients and business partners, the community and the environment.
Team Spirited
The key of gA differential value lies on its teams. Commitment by each employees to the team and by the team to each employees is the basis for our success –it is what makes it possible for things to happen. In our business and the society where we live, a one-dimensional vision is not enough; added value and solutions are the result of converging multidisciplinary knowledge. gA plays a team game, where the best collective work, rather than the most skillful player, wins. That is why we do teamwork, to foster the richness of our individual contributions and be able to combine them in new succeeding, multidisciplinary visions providing a comprehensive vision of each matter.

Ethics and transparency

In 2017, we launched the new version of our Code of Ethics for the purpose of reflecting and favoring the culture that has inspired us and allowed gA to grow. In addition to committing to and abiding by ethical and legal standards in force in the markets where we operate, projecting gA future and protecting our DNA, in turn.
Following international ethical and transparency guidelines, our Code of Ethics is aligned with the theme “I am proudly part of gA,” and represents our purpose and values in our day to day work.

All gA employees are responsible for complying with the Code of Ethics and its policies. The Code defines the behavior expected from us, the commitment to our business partners and our community, and respect for Human Rights. It covers all the countries and offices where we are present.

In addition, it defines the mechanisms to ensure compliance with the Code, including the implementation of an anonymous report line, managed by an independent third party, so that employees can make queries and report breaches on a confidential basis. No reports were received in 2017.

The new Code was launched under the framework of the International Day against Corruption. Through a global campaign, we invited staff to learn about, understand and commit themselves to the Code, achieving full adherence.

Learn about our Code of Ethics

Our corporate governance

The Board of Directors, the main governing body, is comprised of six members who represent different shareholders:

Management Team
President and CEO, Corporate Vice President, and Legal Counsel of the company .
A representative of the minority shareholders, assigned by HSBC Latin America Private Equity; and a representative of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) who participates as an observer.
Independent Professionals
Two members who represent the financial and consulting community in Latin America.

Members of the board of directors
Roberto Wagmaister
Alejandro Preusche
Independent Director
Paul Dougall
Vice President
Miguel Gutierrez
Independent Director
Jaime Kleidermacher
Legal Counsel
Cristiano Boccia
Investment Director, Graycliff Partners

The mission of the Management Team is to ensure business management, including planning and budgeting, the necessary investments plan to develop businesses, and its monthly compliance.

Miembros del Managment team
Roberto Wagmaister
Founder & CEO
Paulo Eduardo Brugugnoli
Chief Value Offering Officer & Managing Director Brasil
Paul Dougall
VP. Corporate Development
Ariel Capone
VP. Life Sciences & Managing Director US
Alejandro Claudio La Pietra
VP. Finance, Administration & Legal
Alejandra Fehrmann
VP. Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Adrian Jerbic
VP. & Managing Director Región Sur y Andina
Martín Wagmaister
CEO Parabolt
Diego Lozano
VP. & Chief Sales Officer
Team work: the Management Team is fed by all the employees’ contribution

During 2017, we set up the weekly Account Planning meeting to enrich the value offering to our clients. The purpose is to work jointly with the leaders of each account to report about new products and services gA is developing, and strengthen each account’s team through collaborative brainstorming. All account leaders, the Management Team, the Sustainability and Marketing departments and product managers are involved.

Commitment to our people

Human resources indicators

Our human talent

Our value offering to the employee looks to attract new talent to the team under a culture of inclusion that promotes gender equality, professional profiles and national origin.
  • At gA we offer competitive salaries in each region where we operate, considering the local labor market. The salary gap between men and women does not exceed 5%.
  • We prioritize hiring both executives and employees in all the territories where we operate.
  • We have implemented a new regional onboarding program, replacing the traditional onboarding we had for new staff. This program involves studying and learning about the company through talks and accessible online material, together with recreational activities: an “Escape Game” (answers should be found through instructions to move forward and learn about the different departments and teams), and a “Design Thinking Workshop” to explain new staff flexible and innovative methodologies.
  • We kept active the referrals’ program “Adding Leaders,” enabling us to increase our data base and incorporate new staff. Thus, in 2017, incorporations by referral reached 24% in the South and Andean Region, 22% in Mexico, and 1% in Brazil.
  • We have been certifying for the last 11 years our recruiting process under ISO 9001, and this year we have migrated to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Since 2010, we are aligned to the ISO IEC 90003:2004 for software industry guidelines.
  • In Argentina we have participated in the following events: Worktec (Engineering and Economics), UBA Job Fair, Young Employment Exhibition, UADE Job Fair, Universidad de Palermo Job Fair, Assessment Center in IAE and SAP. In Mexico we participated in three fairs: UPICCSA,  UNAM,  ITESM of Toluca. In Brazil we were present in the Univap fair.
  • We have organized Assessment Centers in Argentina and Mexico, where 10 to 12 professionals (students or graduating students) are invited to participate in proactive recruitment. An activity is then conducted to meet them in action, analyze the roles they take in a task, and confirm they have the competences we are looking for: team work, communication, proactiveness, problem analysis, flexibility and learning capacity. Candidates should also take logical reasoning and English language tests. With all these results, those who successfully pass these instances, have a technical interview with the team searching for his/her profile.
  • Aligned with our sustainability strategy of contributing to educational and labor inclusion, in addition to promoting job creation models, six employees in Argentina joined gA through partnerships with civil society organizations such as Cimientos and Forge, which work in training and promoting labor inclusion of young people with barriers to employment.

Career development

We drive the professional development and personal growth plan for our employees through programs, tools and processes.
Talent management model (TmM)

The Talent Management model promotes people’s development in the organization and covers the entire life cycle of employees in gA: from planning the search and selection to compensation and recognition components to assure employee retention.

Within our Talent Management model, each employee’s follow-up is considered as well as the annual evaluation, which measures people’s performance, the evolution of their development and alignment to key gA’s indicators, and serves as an information basis to determine development plans, training plans, leveling tables, career plans, etc.

Through an on-line tool, everybody can know the results of their evaluation and see at all times who participates in the process, who evaluates, who reviews and who participates in leveling.

Evaluates 3 components: Development, Performance and gA Indicators: through the development of competencies in communication, leadership, learning, management and innovation, In addition, it includes the application of a 360° evaluation model, from employee to manager.

The integrated Talent Management model is currently audited by ISO 9001.

We have incorporated the sustainability variable into employees’ Talent Management model, which annually measures their performance, through their participation in social investment and environmental programs.
Career Plan

The Career Plan process allows us to identify those employees that have the abilities, knowledge and capabilities to make qualitative career changes. At the same time, this helps identify potential substitutes within the organizations.


Promotions by category

Coaching and mentoring program

Through this program, we accompany and facilitate each gA’s employees’ personal and professional growth and development. Each employee chooses a mentor, and the company assigns a coach according to the person’s position and responsibilities. Coaches and mentors receive training as part of this program due to their importance in developing leaders and transmitting our values.


We train and encourage our employees to develop as leaders at work and their private life. Thus, we train future leaders establishing a leadership model adapted to our culture.

In 2017, aligned with gA’s transformation, we work thoroughly with our current and future leaders through the Transformate workshop.

Transformate Workshops

No transformation process starts without self-transformation. Under this premise, seven workshops were carried out, to which we invited high-potential employees to expand their thinking horizon and innovate from their own work. This leads to a new initiative inventory to expand gA’s and Parabolt’s service offer. 271 employees from the five regions participated, generating 105 new initiatives, distributed into evolving, disruptive and new ideas. This will continue in 2018, in line with our decision of moving toward a B Corporation, where our purpose in action becomes a source of constant innovation.

Knowledge management

Our vision is to create value by capitalizing experiences and creating and reusing knowledge.

DARS (Digital Asset Reuse System) is the corporate solution to consolidates, publishes, allows to search and provides access to all of gA’s reusable assets. In 2017, knowledge was updated and new features were added, such as highlights and knowledge by platform and industry from each internal Center of Excellence. A section was also added to suggest reusable assets, enabling the DARS team to look for said asset and make it available to the rest of the company.

The objective of the initiative is to improve gA’s competitive advantage through:
●Leveraging of the organizational knowledge.

●Implementation times reductions.

●Efforts optimization.

●Project costs reductions and improvements.

●Enhancement of marginal contributions.

Assets by Platform
Assets by Industry
Official knowledge certifications achieved

To certify acquired knowledge, whether online or through institutes, we offer classroom in-company courses to our employees.

Quality of life

Our priority is to promote the care of the health, wellbeing and safety of our employees and have ongoing initiatives to improve their quality of life.
Health coverage plan:

We offer all of our employees health coverage plan adapted to the particulars of each region.

Workplace health program Feel Good:

Argentina offers specialized talks, medical check-ups paid by the company and personalized medical consultations, immunization and blood donation campaigns. Mexico conducts actions for the Health Week.

Benefits plan:

These are designed to be flexible while allowing for personal development and improving quality of life for our employees and their families. They include: corporate discounts and discount vouchers, language courses and educational discounts, flex days, leaves of absence, and wedding and birth bonuses.

We increased in 2017 the number of virtual English language lessons for the entire gA population. We have thus managed to make all employees interact with other teams from other countries and sites. In turn, people who are working in our clients’ offices or traveling can therefore have access and use this benefit.

Culture and climate

In the Culture department, we try to generate experiences that can connect employees among themselves and with our values. We have developed different activities to promote spaces to meet, exchange and have fun. Furthermore, we have different channels, both formal and informal, to actively listen to their ideas, proposals and opportunities for improvement.
As a multicultural company, our focus is on making our employees live our -SPIRIT- values, considering each culture’s attributes and highlighting, in turn, those common values that unite us for being part of gA.
Live gA

We enhance the work environment and integration of employees by celebrating important dates, milestones, family days, tournaments, and competitions among employees. We also organize events that celebrate our multiculturalism and promote sharing and learning about different customs.

● Carnaval Party
● Women’s Day gifts
● Easter Party
● National Holiday Parties
● Father’s Day gifts
● gA Kids
● Friend’s Day gifts
● Spring Day Party
● Day of the Dead celebration (Día de los Muertos)
● gA Football Cup
● Secretary’s Day Present
● Corporate run
● gA’s 25th Birthday Party
● Mother’s Day gifts
● gA Fest 2017 (End of Year party)
● Monthly Birthday Parties
● New Year’s toast

Channels and tools for communication

We design channels and tools for communication that allow us to foster participation and a sense of belonging among our employees.

gA talent
New platform that displays the Annual Performance Process for each employee.

On-line platform with courses for our employees’ training plans.

Managment café
Breakfast gatherings between our employees and company directors, including the CEO and the Vice Presidents, aimed at generating an informal space for integration and conversation. We held these meetings with Change Agents, and promoted employees with high grades in the 360° evaluation.

Gathers all of gA’s world in one place. Our Internal social network proposes horizontal, flexible and interactive communication within the company. Contains information on the company’s different practices, industries, and areas and on our value proposition.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube
We are present in social networks through which we position gA and Parabolt, sharing business practices and the events where we are present, promote networking and make talent recruitment.

Stand Up Meetings
We have our own space in each site to share institutional news and learn about new market trends and future offering.


  • Incorporate into the annual training plan a Code of Ethics course, including a section on the social and environmental purpose and impact of the company as a source of innovation and engagement for the staff.
  • Renew the value proposition for the staff.