We develop our business intending to generate a positive environmental impact from our operations and those of our clients.

Commitment to our environment

In 2017, we formalized our commitment to integrate environmental protection to our operation as a company and to the heart of our business to boost our positive impact. The pillars of this commitment are the following:

Strategic alliances

20alliances with organizations to protect the environment

Develop solutions that promote the efficient use of resources

Reduce the environmental impact of our company on the most relevant issues for our business -energy, water, paper, waste and mobility- using global metrics.

Promote creativity among our employees to find ‘green’ solutions, and forge closer ties with clients to reduce environmental impact.

Collaborate with the achievement of the sustainable development goals 12 and 13 relating to responsible consumption and the combat against climate change.

Become a B Corp, characterized by a comprehensive sustainable management and a social and environmental purpose as part of the business DNA, aligning our practices and policies to this commitment with all the target audiences.

We are a digital business transformation company using technology as an enabler. In this sense, we carried out the Green IT Program where, through the benefits of technology, we innovate for reducing the consumption of paper, energy and the carbon emissions generated by our activity.

Energy consumption
We focus our efforts in consolidating the measuring systems in the different sites.
Optimization and reduction of power consumption
In the last few years, our efforts have been focused on consolidating power consumption metering systems, for its subsequent management. We have thus identified our main sites consumption. We failed to do it in one of the sites, because the building where we operate there does not break down consumption by functional unit.
With these metrics, we defined reduction challenges for the coming years, starting with a Kwh cut in 2017, and continuing in 2018. Our commitment with the SDG 12 and 13 is shown by the reduction rates achieved and the investment in LED light bulbs we will make in 2018.

We have diminished power consumption in Mexico by 17%. This was possible through the installation of a timer that turns off office power during non-working hours, weekends and holidays. Furthermore, the use of smart power saving devices was implemented with auto power off features, such as in coffee machines and printers, as well as room motion sensors.

● 4,88% power consumption reduction in Argentina against 2016. 10.35% in the site in Tandil and 4,20% Ein the City of Buenos Aires. We assume this people’s high level of awareness as the improvement has not been significant.

Power consumption in Brazil has increased, because the Barrafunda office was closed and all the staff was transferred to the Dumas Building, our headquarters in Brazil where we measure consumption. 

We work hard on reducing and making power consumption more efficient, consolidating our metering processes. 

We have started with the change of LED light bulbs in Argentina.

We have conducted a study with an external consulting firm in Brazil for the São Paulo office.

Paper consumption
We implemented a printing control system together with an awareness campaign with the slogan "Your paper is double".
In developing collaborative and digital communication technologies, we manage to avoid unnecessary trips and increase productivity, with a positive impact on the environment and business efficiency.
Evolution of Server Virtualization
Travel Requests. We keep using the efficient taxi trips management platform for the EMEA service, benefiting 5 employees with door-to-door pickup.

Promote the 4Rs culture

Promoting the responsible use of work resources and materials.
Favoring sustainable value chains.
Rethinking the use of technologies and promoting the recycling of electronic waste.
Through our gA Green Program, we promote in our employees a cultural change for the adoption of sustainable habits and practices that minimize gA’s impact on the planet. We work to raise awareness about the various environmental problems and implement initiatives to efficiently use the resources of the planet.
We do it through:
Awareness campaigns

 On-site communication campaigns.

Hearth Hour.

 World Environment Day.

Awareness was raised among 100% of the staff.

Awareness campaigns

Through different communication tools, we reach our staff with messages and awareness-raising campaigns on the key resources we have undertaken to protect -power, paper and plastic- and the importance of the 4R.

Some of the campaigns were the following: Earth Day (April 22nd), use of recyclable bins in the IP, Paper donation campaign “Tu papel es doble” to the Garrahan Hospital, World Environment Day, Earth Hour, WEEE campaign.

Earth hour

Under the hashtag #gACOMMITMENT, we supported once more the global event, “Earth Hour,” organized by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) to promote awareness on climate change through a voluntary power outage. 

We have conducted an awareness-raising campaign on climate change for the staff. It has a call to action message for each employee to share his/her #gACOMMITMENT with the earth in the internal social media gain. We designed a statement with all the commitments made by our staff, published on April 22nd, International Earth Day.

Organic candles made of bee wax were distributed during the activity.

Awareness-raising activities were conducted, turning off the lights in all the offices.

We disseminated civil society activities carried out during that day. 

World Environment Day

To foster the awareness-raising work on the Environment Day, we organized a recreational activity at world level using the Kahoot platform. We generated healthy competition within each site to consolidate knowledge on the 3R in Buenos Aires, Tandil and Brazil. Furthermore, the following activities were carried out in Argentina:

Buenos Aires: we placed “green menu” signs on the tables of our cafeteria to promote environmentally friendly behaviors so that the waste normally produced during lunch time at gA could be reduced. 

Tandil: together with Huerta Urbana we helped with daily garden maintenance. 

Training workshops

Awareness workshops on environmental matters with strategic partners. 

Awareness campaign

We generated alliances with strategic partners to offer training workshops to our staff on environmental matters.

Buenos Aires

Organic garden workshop with Valeria Churba where participants were given not only tips, but also seedlings to plant at home.


Organic garden workshop with the INTA, who distributed seeds among participants.


Recycling workshop with the GEA Institute. Through an interactive methodology, staff were trained on the importance of recycling.

Buenos Aires, Tandil y Sao Paulo

Kahoot workshop. A knowledge competition was organized on how and what is recycled at each site. There were prizes for the winners.

Recycling activities

Alliances with organizations in different countries to recycle electronic waste.

Recycling activities

We generated alliances with civil society organizations and with local governments to join waste recycling and separation in origin in order to minimize environmental impact. Our approach is to try to transform staff individual behavior by offering all the tools to do so. We thus have new differentiated containers, and conduct awareness-raising campaigns and workshops.

In terms of hazardous waste, we have generated 885.7 kg of fluorescent tubes. As we have not yet found a partner for its recycling , we are storing them at the Buenos Aires building. On the other hand, we have generated 10,972.7 kg of non-hazardous waste.

We have an active WEEE recycling policy. When computers are no longer part of the line of work, prior to final disposition, the IT Department performs a parts recycling process. Those devices or parts that cannot be recovered are donated to Equidad and to Que Reciclo in Argentina, Multilixo in Brazil, and to the Government of the City of Mexico Reciclatron. We have recovered 25 computers donated to the IDEL foundation, Sociedad Hebraica Argentina, Kindergarten No. 8 in the City of Buenos Aires and the Technical School No. 2 in Tandil, Province of Buenos Aires.

“AssaGreeneros” volunteers

“AssaGreeneros” volunteers

We have an internal network of employees who identify themselves as “ASSAGREENEROS,” who are leading changes in habits and practices at gA on environmental matters through volunteerism.

In 2017, the strategy was consolidated towards the creation of working teams in each office to discuss each country’s challenges and the possibility of accompanying current public environmental policies. Actions conducted are disseminated among company staff through the internal social network Gain, billboards and emails.

Initiatives conducted at gA Green are promoted by these work teams.

Satisfaction surveys to volunteers


the participants would engage again in volunteer activities


are either very satisfied or satisfied with the activities carried out


would recommend engaging as gA volunteer to other colleagues

“It’s great to have this time to think about how to contribute to help the environment and promote initiatives of this type in the family, it helps you grow personally.”

gA Green Voluntary

“Super innovative experience, bringing us a bit closer than the work environment, as now we can say we left our own mark here.”

gA Green Voluntary

Promote responsible practices throughout our value chain

To realize this commitment, we want to:

Mainstream the sustainability perspective to the company’s procurement system. 

Develop initiatives to promote inclusive purchases in the value chain.

Involve our clients, exchanging knowledge of responsible procurement.

Develop a vendor management system based on social and environmental standards.

We work in every country prioritizing hiring local vendors that guarantee a quick response to our daily need derived from our company’s operation and promoting the development of local economies.

Most of our vendors are connected to the Delivery Centers maintenance, whether on infrastructure matters or services provided to our staff. The main services hired include telecommunications and connectivity, marketing and communication professionals, office, cleaning and building maintenance supplies, security and license maintenance.

The Procurement Policy defines the process as a whole and based on said regulation, the departments interact for the required items to be understood and processed by the procurement department to serve internal customers. The procurement process in Argentina and Brazil is annually audited by Bureau Veritas. This includes vendors’ assessment pursuant to their compliance with agreed times and product and/or service quality within an internal procurement system. The system was implemented in Mexico, Chile and the United States in 2017 with the firm conviction of increasing the quality of supply throughout all our operations.

In Argentina, all recurring vendors, associated to the Facility department, providing services within the facilities, are required the following documentation: Form 931, affidavit and proof of payment thereof, occupational risk insurance, compulsory life insurance, non-recourse clause and pay slip of the personnel providing the service. Said documentation is compulsory to enter the company and should be sent physically or electronically on a monthly basis. Vendors’ personnel will not be allowed to enter the company if the aforementioned documents are not submitted until the situation is rectified.

The department hires 24 recurring vendors for the offices in Buenos Aires, 15 of which are requested said documentation. This requirement is not applicable to the remaining 9 vendors as their services are not provided on site. As to the offices in Tandil, there are 11 recurring vendors, 7 of which are requested the documentation.

The sustainability department promotes inclusive and responsible procurement throughout our value chain. All the department’s gifts have been prepared with recycled material and/or goods purchased to social productive entrepreneurs. Corporate gifts were also presented following this perspective and we expect to continue promoting this change of habit.


  • Change Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Mexico offices’ light bulbs for LED technology to optimize consumption, replacing current fluorescent tubes.
  • Implement printing control in all the regions.
  • Improve staff mobility indicators to manage consumption.
  • Follow the Path to a B Corp, including analysis and management of our value chain based on social and environmental performance criteria to promote responsible practices before 2020.
  • Expand the scope of the Code of Ethics to involve vendors before 2020.