Sustainability strategy

Transforming for transcending

In 2017, we celebrated our 25th anniversary and we did so by going back to the basics, by re-connecting to our purpose and boosting our impact leading the change we want to see in the world.

According to our 2020 sustainable management plan, we took on nine gA commitments resulting from a mix of the three differentiating pillars that are the essence of gA: Technology, Education and Knowledge; with a threefold impact: Economic, Environmental and Social

Our contribution to United Nations sustainable development goals

In 2015, the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) were launched with 169 targets, approved by 196 United Nations member countries. They are part of the 2030 global agenda to eradicate poverty, face climate change and build peaceful and inclusive societies.

Within this context, at gA we are conducting an analysis to define the objectives through which our company can contribute more significantly to its achievement. Starting from a prioritization exercise with the Senior Management, we have defined the SDGs where our work impacts the most:

Starting the +B path

For the purpose of continuing to further internalize our values and put them into practice for making a greater-scale systemic change as part of a new economy leveraging dynamically and effectively the big global changes we need, we joined the B Corporation global movement by starting the +B Path.

This path started by late 2017, when aware of the need of raising new questions and having quality discussions, we invited Pedro Tarak and Francisco Murray, co-founder and executive director of Sistema B, to share this new paradigm with us. Thus, a dialog was established about gA’s opportunity to start this path of review and continuous improvement to be aligned with the B Corp standards, a process we formally begun in 2018 supported by Sistema B.

B corporations redefine the meaning of business success by aiming at becoming the best corporations FOR the world and not only the best in the world.  They are characterized by having a purpose that goes beyond profit, generating a positive social and environmental impact aligned with business models and corporate practices. Under the international certificate granted by B Lab, B Corps meet the highest global standards of social and environmental performance and change their bylaws to maximize the interest of all their target audiences and not just that of their shareholders.

Today, more than 2,300 B Corps from over 150 industries in more than 50 countries are part of the Global B Corp Movement with a single goal: use the business strength to generate a positive change in the world. From start-ups to multinational corporations, together these companies are promoting a systemic change towards a new economy where the strength of the market is enabling offering and escalating solutions to global problems. B Corps embody a new business paradigm marked by empathy and collaboration. These are innovative, resilient and appealing companies to investors, talents as well as market and positioning opportunities. Today we begin the path to become a B Corp.

Acting toward sustainable management

We challenge sustainability governance to evolve towards one nourished from the insight and expectations from different multi-disciplinary teams, including categories, hierarchies, cultures and territories for decisions to be made jointly. The Sustainability Committee is the highest authority regarding responsible management of the company, and was the body responsible for approving the Strategic Plan for Sustainability, its main goals and targets. Made up of a team of directors, the Vice President and the CEO of the company; its role is to ensure that transformation decisions are made towards sustainability.

In December, Pedro Tarak and Francisco Murray were invited to lead a workshop on “Meaningful Corporations” in our company. Managers and leaders as well as the volunteers involved in the activities during the year attended this workshop.

In turn, gA’s sustainability management training was added to the onboarding process of employees in all the regions. As a result, 401 joiners in Buenos Aires, Tandil, Brazil, and Mexico were trained on these matters.

In addition, staff from analyst to manager categories are evaluated on their commitment to sustainability based on an indicator linked to these matters in gA Talent, our staff evaluation platform.

We continue publishing the Sustainability Report as a management and communication tool of our contribution to sustainable development. Internally, we share the sustainability strategy and its progress during the Work to Grow program closing event, in the management report drafted by Management Control for senior management on a monthly basis and in the Gain platform. In 2018, we will launch a sustainability newsletter for the entire gA community.


  • Cover the path we will propose in the +B Path, training our employees as the main agents of transformation for the clients under this perspective.
  • Generate alliances with our clients and business partners to create joint work perspectives to boost their achievements in terms of sustainability.
  • Reinforce communication with a specific sustainability newsletter.
  • Systematize the selection processes for the stakeholders with which we interact.