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We work together with our clients, partners and providers to increase the benefits of collaborative economy in the Digital Era using the strength of business to generate a positive impact. We provide an excellent service based on strong values and passion by our work teams.

Our value proposition

Industry specific solution

Consumer goods and Manufacturing
Current state of the industry
Companies are aware that their clients profiles have evolved: access to new technology has created an omni channel consumer who wants to buy everywhere at any time, expecting to gain the same satisfactory experience. This requires a change in mindset to understand the client experience through making relations with their brands and products.
gA Vision
At gA, we help companies reach their objectives and execute efficiently. We work in high-demanding and dynamic environments that are continuously changing and disrupting. We create specific solutions for most settings in companies’ daily lives.

As industry experts, we create specific solutions tailored to the client's core business and generate a comprehensive transformation program. In addition, through our long-term vision, we guarantee a decrease in the total cost of ownership and the possibility of upgrading applications, depending on the market's and the organization’s needs.
Banking and Financial Services
Current state of the industry
The banking industry is facing new challenges: apart from improving the client experience through omni channel service, they must provide quick and reliable information, manage different technologies related to a central system, make mobility easier and understand clients’ needs.
gA Vision
We transform business challenges into positive and permanent impact on the way they execute processes. In addition, we help them adopt technology solutions and accompany people in the organization in their transformation process to ensure value creation.

We are committed to successful projects and end-to-end services: from comprehensive management of projects to process consulting services, management of change, functional analysis, and technical services.
Current state of the industry
With the arrival of new technologies and data consumption, which empower the consumer and radically modify their shopping habits and experience, the Retail industry is beginning a continuous process of professionalism and innovation to maintain a sustainable business model.
gA Vision
At gA, our challenge is to help organizations rethink how to benefit from this set of new technology solutions to generate a virtuous cycle of consumer loyalty. We make our clients’ business challenges generate a positive and lasting impact on their way of executing processes.

We use our expertise to create solutions for the various phases of the industry’s life cycle.
Pharmaceuticals and health
Current state of the industry
In this industry, technology is a determining factor. Many changes have occurred over the past 50 years generating great disruption; that is why it is necessary that companies in this industry align with the new paradigms to grab opportunities and face the current and future technology challenges.
gA Vision
By developing an integral transformation design, we want our clients to efficiently implement regulations and to adapt to new industry challenges. Our goal is to support our clients to face their challenges and to accompany them through the whole process.

Our knowledge of verticals allows us to offer a unique business approach to see more clearly, which solution will solve the problems of an organization in the most efficient manner.
Natural resources and energy
Current state of the industry
Natural resources include various industries, each with its own challenges and needs. Despite their differences, all of them require specific and innovative solutions that pursue a common goal: increase their efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability.
gA Vision
At gA, our approach addresses both holistic scenarios that may lead to rethink a business model and particular results with specific solutions. We develop solutions that make employees’ work easier and that obtain information to get automated predictions.

We turn our clients challenges into opportunities improving their way of executing processes. We enable the adoption of digital solutions and help people within the organization transform themselves to ensure that value generation to the business.
Telecommunications and media
Current state of the industry
Telecomm and media companies have to face the challenge of gaining the digital client loyalty, learning to balance service excellence, efficiency in their technology investments and operating effectiveness. Process of transformation aligned with company’s value strategy and supported by applications and technology is a key factor to improve competitiveness and sustainability in this market.
gA Vision
For this type of companies, we develop supplementary applications and integration tools, which are essential for this complex industry. We create flexible solutions that can adapt to different daily situations, thanks to our knowledge of business transformation projects combined with methods and tools for process modeling, design and management.

From unified models of processes and regional/multi-business systems to a hub of application integration and human talent management, at gA, we help our clients to face their business challenges, which will have a positive and an ongoing impact on their way of executing processes.

gA center for Digital Transformation: Sharing
knowledge to multiply impact

We created the gA Center for Digital Transformation with the commitment to generate and share knowledge, and promote the digitalization process in Latin American companies through a space for dialog among executives from the private sector, government representatives and members of the academic community.

It is the first gA Center for Digital Transformation report on digital transformation in vertical markets. The report presents the analysis of the results from the national industrial census conducted by the governments in the Latin American region and industry surveys.

This book considers that the development of the digital ecosystem represents a revolution in Latin American economies and that the region faces a major challenge in terms of the need to increase the contribution of productivity to boost economic growth.

The purpose of this study is to understand the nature of the economy’s digital transformation challenge and develop recommendations for Latin America on how to address it in the following years. The strategy and the state of progress in 75 companies with presence in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil was analyzed.

We turn innovative ideas into digital disruptive products.

Our innovation spirit drives us to create, transform, and discover. This is why, a year ago, we launched Parabolt, a digital incubator that encourages the innovation spirit and feeds our value offering. Parabolt leverages and accelerates our global strategy by combining our digital transformation vision with the execution of the entire value chain.

Its launching shows our own capacity for transformation, the capacity to develop our own business model. Parabolt, a standalone company fully owned by gA, is building and strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem with universities, research institutes, venture capital companies, government agencies and new businesses as well as scalable start-ups. This ecosystem feeds each of the business portfolios, using collaborative platforms that incorporate talent and skills in a flexible manner.


We work together with large companies with a framework for catalyzing and executing transformation. We drive the generation of ideas, prototype solutions and develop digital products in an agile and collaborative model.


We support entrepreneurs in their adventure: we help startups to become sustainable companies through our business knowledge, technological expertise and the creation of relationships with global clients.


We incubate and accelerate gA initiatives and its ecosystem with business potential and scalability to transform them into disruptive digital products.

Digital ventures

Developing disruptive digital products and maximizing gA’s value offering by industry. Accelerating ideas arising within gA ecosystem together with its partners, turning them into digital products that materialize the Digital Business Transformation approach based on the knowledge of the industry’s processes.

Ominchannel Customer Platform (OCP)

The retail industry is facing considerable challenges given the changing consumption habits and the threat of online players with exponential growth.  How can the retail sector leverage and revalue its assets?

This is the key question the OCP answers, by detecting and combining the physical store’s data with other data sources generating information. This retail digital cloud platform includes positioning inside stores with real-time analytics and machine learning for understanding clients’ behavior, measuring efficiencies and increasing synergy between what happens in store and in digital channels. Thus, this product manages to close the gap between the digital and physical world.

Global Trade Exchange

A safe marketplace for negotiating, executing and financing international trade transactions. Among the main features, automation and digitalization of business documents can be highlighted, together with a global exchange to interconnect buyers and sellers, increasing business opportunities.

 The solution includes an open market for publishing and contracting related services, integrated finance end to end and for each stage of the process, and portfolio management tools with investment management, alerts and risks.

Incubating innovative ideas focused on entrepreneurs B2B to transform them into sustainable businesses and formally incorporated companies. Therefore, an ecosystem is thus created around it including the public, private (investors, sponsors, mentors, partners) and academic sectors generating bridges that link Latin American entrepreneurs with international markets and investments.

New business model through partnerships with large companies. A next-gen engagement model with clients based on the shared value proposed by the development of scalable incubation platforms through partnerships with large companies. The disruption of this service lies in thinking the digital company throughout its value chain, integrating the consumer side with the industrial side, as a new form of relationship with companies

Our Clients

On commencing digital transformation, each company has its own needs and challenges. We offer solutions adapted to each business and trade. We develop digital strategies based on agile methodologies and provide innovative routes with a deep and sustainable cultural and organizational change.

In 2017, the Latin American region resumed the growth of its Gross Domestic Product after last year’s fall, with a 1.2% gain compared to 2016. Eurozone countries accelerated the growth rate, as well as United States, whereas emerging countries such as China and India experienced a higher than previously estimated growth. Global growth achieved the highest increase since 2011, reaching 3%.

The region as a whole followed said performance, highlighting the recovery of Argentina and Brazil, and the soundness of the Mexican economy. In 2017, revenues in the different territories showed mixed behaviors in euros: while the United States, Brazil and Mexico increased their sales by 12%, 8% and 3% respectively, Argentina, Chile and Colombia diminished their sales by 4%, 12% and 19% respectively.

At gA we continued delivering results during the year through our regional platform with 5 Service Centers: Buenos Aires and Tandil in Argentina, São Paulo y São José dos Campos in Brazil, and Mexico City. In addition, the subsidiaries in Miami, Bogota (Colombia) and Santiago (Chile) support contracts signed with other territories and develop businesses locally through service provision to clients in those countries.

The fiscal year ended with consolidated sales of EUR 72.0 million, representing a 7.0% year-on-year growth. Operating profits amounted to EUR 6.6 million, equivalent to a 9.2% profit margin on sales, representing a 2.2 and 3.2 percentage points increase against the previous year and 2015, respectively.

We build sound relationships with our clients, sharing the values we have followed since the beginning.   These relationships are based on four differentiating strategic pillars:

  • Highly personalized account strategy
  • World-class implementation
  • A clear value proposition
  • Innovation and delivery of commitments

Our Quality Policy defines a solid commitment to our clients to fulfill their expectations by offering solutions that go beyond a technological focus. Likewise, we have a Quality Management System, implemented under ISO 9001, and an annual maintenance plan to sustain this certification and thus pass annual audits. Within this framework, our Development Innovation department (formerly known as AD&I) is certified under ISO 9001 2008 and the Guide 90003 2004.

Objectives of our business and delivery structure:

  • Achieve Delivery Excellence with 100% of clients included in the One Firm vision.
  • Optimize planning and administration of resources through a single view of demand.
  • Make the Delivery structure more efficient through the formation of centralized global pyramids.
  • Allow industrialization and centralization of knowledge to promote the creation and reuse of assets.
  • Accelerate response to clients by reusing available assets throughout gA.
  • Achieve a greater sales force through unified global capacities.

Commitment to confidentiality and protection of intellectual property

We ensure the confidentiality of our clients’ information throughout the service provision process. This commitment incudes any data or information, whether tangible or intangible, that is stored electronically, exists in hard copy, electronically or graphically, in writing or any other media. Intellectual property is also determined in conjunction with the client and protected under the terms of every contract. In 2017, as usual, the company’s Personal Data Bases were registered under the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data. The aim of this initiative is to ensure effective protection of clients’ personal data.

Centers of Excellence (CoEs)

gA developed centers of excellence including QA (Quality Assurance) methodology and services for projects with a dBT (Digital Business Transformation) approach and on the main service platforms: CoE, DBT, SAP and Oracle.

The centers of excellence provide quality and best practices guidelines related to dBT and the SAP and Oracle platforms, and they establish metrics, recommendations, architectures and training plans They participate in the designs and architecture for projects and provide QA (Quality Assurance) support to projects and services to these areas.

In addition, CoEs are in charge of forming and certifying consultants on the relevant technology, as well as on the different methodologies. This is how, in addition to certifications in SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and DSI, among the most important, resources are also allocated to certifications on Agile-Scrum methodologies and ITIL guidelines.

CoEs are also responsible for the organic and sustainable growth of a healthy pyramid of resources, having the company’s values.

gA and Parabolt websites
gA’s institutional website was updated and reorganized. Furthermore, the website and Parabolt were developed and launched to keep our target audiences informed.

Client relations program with strategic clients
Relationships developed through the gA Center for Digital Business Transformation publications.

Social Networks
We consolidated LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook accounts at corporate level for gA, and opened LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for Parabolt.

Digital sustainability report
We have been preparing this report for six years under the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Relationship 1:1



Our Global Alliance Network offers a global  footprint to provide services at global level and expand, in turn, our offering and our intellectual capital.  We share with our partners a value-driven culture.

Global service partners
Technology & service partners



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7/04 | World Economic Forum
29/06 | ArgenWorld XXI – Business ecosystem/Start-Ups
12 al 14/10 | Coloquio IDEA – Entrepreneurial Business Forum
12/12 | 11th WTO Ministerial Conference


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30/05 | SAP Virtualización to Cloud – Cloud Journey


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15/06 | SAP RETAIL DAY – Retail


02/02 | SAP Forum
15/06 | SAP RETAIL DAY – Retail
07/11 | AMITI Forum – Consumption and Automotive Panel, Council of the Americas Symposium/Digital
03/11 | Consumption and Automotive Sector

United States

16 y 17/01 | NFR Retail – RETAIL
02/04 | Collaborate Oracle – JDEdwards Community
06/11 | Trade Mission to New York with Argencon – Parabolt presentation in the United States


  • Confirm the growth experienced in 2017, through the gA offering.
  • Escalate Parabolt business, generating synergies and complementing gA’s operation.
  • Strengthen business relations with our clients, promoting the benefits of integrating sustainability to their strategies.